Holiday Fun at Hersheypark In Hershey Pennsylvania

Holidays are a great time to visit the Hersheypark In Hershey, Pennsylvania. The park twinkles with the sounds of holiday music and has more than 5 million festive lights dancing in the background. Santa Claus and his nine reindeer are always a highlight of this holiday destination. You’ll also enjoy festive photo opportunities and special holiday events. Join their email list to get exclusive savings and exclusive invitations to special events. Learn more here.

Hersheypark offers rides and attractions for visitors of all ages, from thrill-seekers to little ones. There’s something for everyone, from roller coasters to kiddie rides and water attractions. Whether you’re traveling with small children or a group of adults, Hersheypark has a ride for everyone. Whether you’re looking for an adrenaline rush or spending time relaxing with your family, Hersheypark has something for everyone. Learn more about The Hershey Story Museum In Hershey, Pennsylvania.

Guests can choose from many water slides and thrill rides in the water. The Park’s water park is a free part of the park and includes a lazy river, tons of water slides, and a giant waterworks structure. There are also playgrounds for smaller swimmers. Another water slide in the park is the Plunge Vortex, which features a steep drop followed by an explosion in a landing pool.

Hersheypark In Hershey Pennsylvania, is home to one of the world’s largest chocolate factories. Visitors can see how chocolate is made and even take a ride through the factory to taste it. After a thrilling ride, visitors can grab a piece of chocolate at the famous Brand-name candy store. For even more chocolate and sweets, the Chocolate World offers a variety of activities to satisfy every taste bud.